Wholesale & Private Label

We're always looking to increase our reach across Canada. 

Do you own a retail store? Whether online or brick & mortar? With the Holiday season fast approaching, secure your retail inventory today with candles & wax melts from Cold Beach.

Cold Beach prides itself by providing quality products that are completely handmade in Northern Québec. 

Our customers absolutely love our candles and they are an ideal gift for self, or others, year round.

Guaranteed low turnaround and fast production, we get most of our wholesale orders out the door within three (3) business days.

Custom orders & private label

Yes! We do custom orders for special events. Whether it's for a birthday, or a wedding, we are all ears. 

There are plenty of reasons why you'd want a custom made candle. Every event, big or small, needs that little something that makes it yours. That being said, there is nothing more customizable than a candle. Cold Beach Wax Creations is partnered up with a graphic designer that can help you conceptualize the perfect label for the perfect event. We have the tools and capacity to customize the candle itself in a variety of ways. We can incorporate multiple colours, use custom aromas, use different sizing and materials, etc. 

For private label orders meant for resale, we ship unlabeled candles. We do not apply nor cut labels for you. 

Lead time & delays

All of our products are hand-made in northern Québec. However, that doesn't mean that we can't produce custom candles quickly. 

That being said, the lead time depends on the complexity of the order itself.

There is a minimum of thirty (30) candles required to qualify for bulk pricing and a minimum of 100 candles for private label and/or custom scents. 

Please note that there may be additional delays, due to ongoing supply chain disruptions. To ensure the whole process goes by without a hitch, please reach out to us at least a month before you need the candles.

Low price guaranteed
We pride ourselves in our effective production and supply chain. These factors allow us to reduce overhead costs and provide competitive pricing compared to other creators of the same type. All custom orders, depending on size, are eligible for bulk pricing. 

Get started on your custom candles and book your free consultation with us today. 

Email : jmartin@cold-beach.com 

Please use the following form to apply as a wholesaler or request a private label candle. We will be in touch within one (1) business day.

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