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Perfect holiday scent

Scent fills the room in a good not too powerful way. This is a nice holiday scent, would definitely rebuy.

Lovely candles

So happy to have discovered Cold Beach candles, variety of scents to choose from. Really happy with the ones I chose and the scent fills a room well! Excited to try more of them!

nice scent

I wasn't quite sure what the scent was going to be like , but it is very pleasant and not overly strong.

love it

Great scents and colours

I love the different colours instead of normal white, and they have the most unusual but delightful aromas (I am enjoying Smokey Firewood now)


This candle is to DIE for!! It smells so good, it really does smell buttery underneath the butter rum, and has a great amount of scent/throw in general. Super happy with this one, and I'm really glad I found a company that KNOWS how to make good candles!

J’ai beaucoup aimé !

L’odeur est parfaite 😍

lovely scent

the candle smells very nice without being overwhelming

Gardenia-scented Candle - 8oz
Christian Boudreau
Produit de qualité exceptionnelle

De douce arômes qui perdure longtemps, un délice pour l odorat.

Nous aimons beaucoup!

Gardenia-scented candle

I loved the scent of the Gardenia- scented candle but I found that it made a lot of black smoke.

Lovely light scent

Just lit this candle a few days ago. I just love this scent ! It is very subtle- not overpowering in the least. It makes me happy. I will definitely order this scent again & I highly recommend it if you don’t want your room overpowered by the scent of a candle. Cold Beach has great scents & fantastic customer service. I am so happy I have found them

Sandalwood Amber - juste WOW

J'adore cette odeur délicate qui créé une ambiance feutrée.

Namaste Wax Melt
Hélène Leblanc
Namaste - Ça sent le ciel!

Odeur divine. Délicate mais quand même soutenue.

Sandalwood Amber Candle - 8oz
Nicole de Rochemont
You will love them

Received several as gifts so I my order and was delighted with everyone of my choices Make great hostess, presents. I got praises on the scents and quality of the product. You will too. They are unique and appreciated ! Nicole de Rochemont

Beautiful Soft Scent

I love this candle. It has a fresh floral scent to me but I cannot smell the patchouli in it at all if anyone is hesitant of the patchouli scent (I myself love it). The candles keep their scents till the end of burning. It does have a bit of sweetness as well. Love this company love their candles.

Sa sens super bon je l’es adore tous

Sa sens super bon je l’es aimes tous merci beaucoup

Nostalgia Candle - 8oz
monique blais
Ca sent le ciel

J'ai 4 senteurs différentes et je ne peux dire laquelle je préfère , et l'odeur persiste longtemps , de plus les bougies durent longtemps .J'adore vos produits.


I ordered a number of different scents on my last order. I just received it and tried this scent in the wax melts. OMG IT IS BEAUTIFUL. It is fresh and lingers in my kitchen. Will be ordering more. If this town in Quebec smells like this I am moving there.

Sent très bon

Bonne combinaison


Maple Syrup Wax Melt
Brenda Somers
Wax Melt Bundle of 8

Loved my order. Came in a timely manor. Loved the scents especially the Lily of the Valley One. I will definitely be repurchasing from you again in the future. Thank you so much :)

Beautiful Scent

I love the scent of this candle. The scent lingers through the house. Their candles and wax melts are superb and will order again.

Almond Candle - 8oz
monique blais

Très bon parfum, doux mais qui dure longtemps.

Very masculine scent

The scent is very masculine, reminds me of Leather Suede but it is much deeper. It's a win for me.